Web Design

Creative Process

Web Design That Is Visually Appealing And Strategically Effective

The digital front door to your company

A successful business website is not only about appealing graphics and selling products – it should be user-friendly, effectively communicate your brand, instill trust, and project the best possible image of your business.

While the visual elements of your site are very important, you also need rock-solid information architecture; optimized, mapped site information that is organized in a consistent, coherent structure that your visitors can easily understand and navigate, allowing them to effortlessly find the exact information, product and/or service they are looking for.

Having a professional website in today’s marketplace means providing an intuitive, device-independent, convenient experience for your visitors. It should contain relevant content that engages your customers while being the best online advocate for your unique brand.


Print Design

Creative Process

Quality Print Design To Enhance Your Identity & Marketing Strategy

Craftsmanship is essential when it comes to printed media

One thing that separates the professional designer from a novice is thorough knowledge of the printing process – this is where experience and advanced design skills heavily come into play. There is a significant learning curve when working with the printing process, and a designer with knowledge of the opportunities and potential pitfalls is extremely valuable for a client.

Having an in-depth understanding of dealing with spot colors and custom printing solutions like embossing, custom folds, pagination spreads, die-cutting and metallic inks is incredibly important, as well as the skill to choose the optimal style, grain, texture and weight of paper to perfectly complement the printed piece.

As a physical product, printed design has a true sense of permanence for customers, and creating that permanence with high-caliber results takes experience and skill. Designing and creating superior, distinctive printed materials takes years of experience to provide quality craftsmanship. When your marketing materials are tangible and held in a customer’s hands, your company needs the very best quality and services available.


Creative Process

Illustrations For Distinctive Style, Abstract Concepts And Engagement

Capturing what the camera can’t

The last 4 or 5 years have seen a tremendous resurgence in illustration. To convey abstract ideas, information in a graphical manner or to clarify concepts to your customers, the most effective manner to achieve this is through illustration.

Choosing to have an illustration created for your project typically has some defining parameters around it:

  • The need to explain abstract ideas or intangibles
  • The subject matter needs to bend – or completely break – reality
  • There is a complex message that needs to be condensed to one image
  • The need to portray something that is physically impossible to photograph

Illustration is the perfect choice for subject matter of this nature; the artist’s mind can go places that are impossible for a camera. The medium creates visuals that are completely unique, fresh, custom-tailored to your needs and have an organic feel about them. Illustrations can also contain infographic information, which tends to engage viewers at a higher rate and can convey a message much more succinctly.


Trade Show Booths

Creative Process

Trade Show Booths Directly Target Relevant Buyers In Your Industry

Make a statement that stands out in the crowd

Creating a trade show booth is a major step for a company; it is a big decision, but the targeted exposure and ROI from a professionally-designed booth can be massive. Every element of your trade show presence is incredibly important; your staff and your booth need to look as professional as possible, and you need to maximize your return on every square inch of floor space you’re using. You have approximately 2 seconds to grab someone’s attention as they pass by on the convention floor – lighting, floorplan, location in the convention, clear and concise messaging, impeccable guest services, free handouts, signage – every last detail impacts not only your bottom line at a show, but also your brand recognition and the perception of your company afterwards.

Over the years, I have worked on numerous trade show setups – from table skirts and pop stands for sole proprietorships at craft shows, to kiosk stands for intermediate shows, all the way to 20×20 professional corporate booths at InfoSec with massive lighting rigs, large-screen monitors and tons of computer connections. No matter what size your company is, the Zen Orange can help with the details of your next trade show booth, and make you stand out in the crowd.

Photography & Video

Creative Process

Photography And Videography Capture The Moment

Presenting your subject matter in high definition

Professional photography and videography communicate your unique story and can telegraph your brand. Original high-quality professional photographs and video advertise not only your company, but also your standards; they can tie your various marketing channels together with a unified look and feel.

When a company is on a tight budget, many times they will turn to stock imagery for their visuals. This can actually work against them, as numerous other companies are doing the exact same thing, purchasing many of the same images and video clips from the same stock houses; that inherent same-ness can render a company’s brand invisible amidst the masses.

Original professional photos and videos give your company a competitive edge, and they should be clearly identifiable as being uniquely yours. By choosing professional custom photography and videography, your company will be able to build its own stockpile of imagery – you can get years of use out of a professional library that is uniquely yours.



Creative Process

Product Packaging That Is Shelves Above The Rest

Smart, innovative and sustainable package design garners attention

With the dizzying array of products that are available in the retail marketplace, packaging design is more important than ever. When consumers choose one product over another, the design of the packaging actually influences their decision far more than they realize. Effective packaging follows the guidelines and dimension rules set forth by the retail industry, but innovative design enables your brand to break away from the crowded shelves, giving your product a unique edge to stand out from the rest.

While it is vitally important to ensure that your product conveys the necessary information about the contents and specifications of the product, it also needs to trigger the desired emotion in your customer, connecting your target market with your product packaging, your product and your brand.

Promotional Items

Creative Process

Creating Promotional Items That Connect With Your Audience

Offering swag that is memorable increases sales and retention

While some companies choose to give away the same old promotional items year after year, innovative brands garner interest and build a loyal customer base that rivals rock band groupies; they draw in new clients and even reward existing customers with unique promotional merchandise that their market segment actually wants. A week after a trade show, ask an attendee about the booths they visited; most people will have recollections about a few specific vendors. However, if you ask them about the swag they received, you will immediately garner an emotional response about any cool promotional items that the person still has.

Promotional items – referred to as swag, merch, gewgaw and chachkas – are often relegated to afterthought status by companies, despite the immense impact they can have with customers. Finding truly unique promotional items that resonate with your customer base can be challenging, but they are also the most effective, and the hardest to copy by your competitors. Promotional items should not be perceived solely as a marketing expense; they provide an intangible ROI for your brand, and should be perceived as quality gifts for your target market – a gift that surprises and delights your customers.

Social Media

Creative Process

Social Media Directly Connects Your Brand To Your Customers

Interact with potential and existing clientele on a granular level

As a textbook definition, social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. In the realm of marketing, social media has become an essential tool for connecting to the customer base of every company in today’s marketplace. Current statistics show that over 62% of the global population is connected through the use of social media. If your brand does not have a solid foothold in the social media space, your company is being left out of one of the largest marketing channels in the world.

  • 72% of online adults use social media 1
  • Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing 2
  • 77% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B companies acquired customers from Facebook 3
  • 80% of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook 4
  • 40% of brands have adopted Instagram for marketing 5
  • Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money than visitors referred from non-social channels 6

With social media, you can not only gain massive exposure and bolster your brand, but also directly interact with your customers in two-way conversations like never before. Social media allows you to engage your customer base and increase revenue, while building brand loyalty.

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Logo, Brand & Identity

Creative Process

Logo, Brand & Identity: The Three Essentials

Make a powerful statement with the three fundamental marketing elements of any company

While the terms logo, brand and identity may be used interchangeably by some, they are actually all different elements of the overall appearance of your company.

  • Logo: For a company, a corporate logo is an unmistakable, distinguishing mark. It is the visual representation that immediately identifies your entire company as well as your product/service line, and becomes incredibly powerful when it is intrinsically associated with your brand.
  • Brand: A brand is the overall company image, which communicates who you are, what you’re about, and what you stand for. It is the set of core values and beliefs that make up the tone of your company, and is the key element by which customers will identify your entire organization.
  • Identity: A company’s identity is a major segment of their overall brand. It is the collection of various visual aspects used by a company, such as logos, marketing collateral, letterhead, business cards, products, packaging and signage. Typically, the treatment of these various items is outlined in a company usage guide, to ensure the brand retains a cohesive and consistent look across all of the various different platforms and media types where identity materials are used.

These three items are the key elements that create your image; customers know they can expect quality from a well-branded company. If your company is just starting out and/or if you don’t have a well-defined logo, brand or identity, contact The Zen Orange to help your company succeed in the marketplace.