Chipotle Campaign: “The Scarecrow”

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Latest campaign features animation from Moonbot Studios, music by Fiona Apple and a mobile game

As a follow-up to Chipotle’s award-winning “Back to the Start” long-form animation, the company teamed up with the award-winning Moonbot Studios (Oscar® winners, 2012 Best Animated Short “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore”) for their latest, equally-powerful campaign, “The Scarecrow”.

As we saw in “Back to the Start”, the message in “The Scarecrow” continues to revolve around the issues of non-sustainable, industrialized food production. Contrary to the minimalistic feel of the classic stop-motion animation employed by Johnny Kelly for “Back to the Start”, though, “The Scarecrow” takes on a much more fluid, modern, dystopian and confrontational feel.

In the story-driven campaign, we are introduced to some familiar adversaries – the crow and the scarecrow – portrayed in a way we may not have seen them before. The giant conglomerate farm factory is run by robotic crows, and the scarecrows are employed by them (it’s implied that they all previously lost their own family farms to the corporate giant, and now have to work for the crows in the city).

Along with the stunning visuals, the incorporation of Fiona Apple’s rendition of “Pure Imagination” (from the classic “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” film) evokes emotions that range from eerie to uplifting, and sets the tone for viewers. As the scarecrow gets glimpses behind the scenes at the factory, he decides to make a change, and opens his own little street-corner restaurant; serving up more organic, nature-based fare in a very familiar-looking red basket.

Along with the animation, Chipotle has enhanced the campaign by also releasing “The Scarecrow” game, available as a free download for iPad and iPhone. According to the game, Players must “fly through the city of Plenty to transport confined animals to open pastures, fill fields with diverse crops at Scarecrow Farms, and serve wholesome food to the citizens at PlentyFull Plaza, all while avoiding menacing Crowbots.” As an added bonus, players who achieve a minimum of 3 out of 5 stars in each level get a coupon for free food from Chipotle. The Fiona Apple track from the campaign is also available on iTunes; the purchase of the song will benefit the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.

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“Pure Imagination”

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“The Scarecrow”



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