The Zen Orange is an integrated, boutique creative marketing agency, offering customers around the globe 20 years of experience in creative design, website development, marketing and promotional solutions.

Originally formed in the 90’s as Masinelli Design Studio, the company began with a strong focus on providing quality graphic design for clients. In 2013, Masinelli Design Studio was reborn as The Zen Orange, to better reflect the wider array of creative and marketing services that have been provided since day one.

Trevor Masinelli

Founder & Creative Director

Trevor stepped into the creative industry 20 years ago in the darkroom of a small Denver print shop. Over the years, he worked his way up through the ranks at various companies, enhancing his formal education in design and marketing by working with some of the best in the industry. While operating a sole proprietorship since the late 90’s, Trevor has also held numerous industry positions – from Production Assistant to Global Creative Director – in ad agencies as well as in-house teams, working with brands such as Coors, Rock Shox, Sigma Sports, Webroot, American Cancer Society, Cannondale, Thule, Spyder and more.

A Note from Trevor – Founder & Creative Director, The Zen Orange

When originally forming Masinelli Design Studio, I started with a core set of values for my business; produce high-quality design solutions, exceed client expectations in both creative work and customer service, and build strong one-to-one professional relationships with my clients. Soon after I started, my service offerings expanded to also cover various other solutions for clients, such as marketing, promotional items, branding, extensive research and analysis, project management and more. While the company name may have changed to The Zen Orange – reflecting a significantly wider variety of creative solutions than solely design – those core beliefs of providing excellent creative, outstanding customer service and building strong professional relationships continue to be very much in place.

Benefits of Choosing The Zen Orange

Professional Creative Solutions

Many times, I’ve been asked “What sets you apart from other small agencies?” Simply put, it’s experience. Nearly anyone with a computer and $1,000 worth of software can create a pretty picture on a monitor. However, how will the project impact your audience and your bottom line? What will your project look like when it’s printed, or when your website goes live? What about when you need to expand the creative to other channels? Will the project achieve your goals, or will you lose your audience due to poor quality and presentation, or “over-design” issues?

All too often in the industry, clients receive a finished product that is, at best, a gallery piece for the agency; the client’s objective and the project’s goal are never realized, wasting time, depleting resources and actually hindering their brand. I prefer function over empty flash, and focus on this philosophy; I would rather satisfy your needs by creating a productive, professional piece of work – be it a logo, brochure, website, marketing campaign, social media blitz or even trade show promotional items. Any awards or accolades I receive for the creative work are merely icing on the cake.

Low Overhead

During my years in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity to work in numerous different environments; from glorified garages and coffee shops to high-end office buildings with electronic pass keys, I’ve pretty much seen it all. Over that time, I came to realize two important things; the type of office you sit in will never make you a better designer, and you don’t have to be a cog in a big agency to produce effective, quality work.

Being a sole proprietorship, my overhead is minimal, which allows me to pass those savings on to my clients. In choosing to work with The Zen Orange, clients pay for my experience and services; your marketing budget isn’t funding a penthouse suite in a high-rise that rivals a Hollywood set, with a $2,000 espresso machine and a staffed in-house yoga studio. The Zen Orange is small, nimble and cost-effective; I provide exceptional professional services for my clients, and that’s exactly what you pay for; experience and service, not glitz and glitter.

Treating Clients With Respect

At The Zen Orange, I believe in working with businesses and individuals; I strongly feel that no job is “too small” or “beneath” me, like you might find elsewhere. Being a sole proprietorship allows The Zen Orange to truly focus on the needs of a small number of clients; with a big agency, you could potentially spend weeks simply trying to schedule a meeting on a day when your calendars mesh, being at the mercy of both when they can squeeze you in, and also how important they feel your business is.

Working with The Zen Orange, you won’t get lost in the shuffle. My personalized service for fewer clients affords The Zen Orange the ability to be incredibly agile; customers not only receive the benefit of paying a reasonable price for excellent creative, but they also receive my focused attention.


To find out more about working with The Zen Orange, see the Creative Process page, and consider giving The Zen Orange a try – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and beneficial it can be to work with a boutique agency.